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Start your own business.

May 11, 2016

Getting location.

Doing vending with Wizards we strongly encourage you to find your own location, as it really works in this business. Anyone can fill machine products and get revenue. In addition, no one can present your company and services, as well as do you. It is important to draw up a contract with the owner for the location of the machine, it will help in the long term.

For more than 12 years experience in the vending business, we never heard from anyone about the positive experience with the locating companies. This does not mean that no one has ever had a positive result, but the thousands of people we spoke to did not have a good result.

Here are some advices to locate by yourself. We call these recommendations, because this is your business, and you set the rules.

# 1: Establish contacts. No one can represent your company better than you. This is your business, your future, a part of you. The real work in this business is to find locations for vending machines, while maintaining their current locations happy, and find more and better. If you are not comfortable to think about finding locations, ask a friend to give you advice. Keep reading and we'll explain how to do it.

# 2: Always ask. Start by finding frequently visited places, ask for permission to put the machine. Most people go out to eat sometimes, they go to the shops for shopping, visit specialty shops - a good walk able space for the presentation of your products.

Start with an idea. The first step in finding locations - a search for people you know who have their own business, that can provide a place for your equipment. Whom do you know who works in retail or food industry? In the showrooms? Bowling? Interaction with people you already know - a good start. This is the work with contacts, work with strangers will come later. To begin with we take as many possible people to ask if they could help. People love to help, and can provide the location. Write as many names as possible, and do everything possible to meet them in the near future.

# 3: Do not approach the large shopping area in the beginning of this business. Visit the 10 or 20 or 50 smaller locations before you go to the big stores. Why? Most people need to polish their skills by practicing many times before facing better prospects. When you ask for the owner's permission to place the vending machine in their business, you will definitely hear the objections, "we will not allow chewing gum in our business", "we have no place," "I'm sorry, we cannot help you." There are great answers to all these objections.

# 4: Make notes. Keep track of the date of the visit, with whom you spoke, the name of the location manager or owner. Getting a "Yes" answer may require 3 or 4 visits. Good notes allows you to speak confidently about past visits.

# 5: Work from the home base. Do not scatter machines throughout the city. Start placing closer to home, and expand your route in a controlled manner. If you have multiple sites it gets a lot easier. Then you can share experiences with prospects.

# 6: Take a sample of the machine - if possible. Of course, it's nice to have a color brochure, but nothing beats the real deal. Having a car will increase the chances of "Slam Dunk". By the "Slam Dunk", when you walk into the place with the machine to talk with the owner and before you open your mouth the owner says, "I love this car ... put it right there."

# 7: Remember that the rejection is of your proposal, not your person. When you get a "No" from the potential space, they are not rejecting you as a person ... they reject your offer. This is a very difficult part of the scene. The answer to the last "No" is always through the next door.

A great way to always ensure the success of this location to a specific purpose, for example, achieve your goals, to visit the 50 potential sites. Do not make the goal to find space for 10 machines. Localization is a numbers game. You should always ask to see the place. And remember, if you get there last, maybe someone will get to your seats before you do.

# 9: Know your equipment. Do not bring unfamiliar equipment into a location. If you are uncomfortable with the piece of equipment - check it before bringing it into place. Practice in before the owner can see you. Trying to put it in place and make it to work, with the owner looking over your shoulder is not a good start.

The most important thing that you have to remember - this is to have fun! If a person does not get pleasure from vending machines or gum from vending equipment, then maybe this is not the right business for him. Remember also that you help the place helps you. You occupy a place that does not take a penny from them, and you offer the a service to their existing clientele.



Top 10 best locations for vending.

April 18, 2016

Just buying a vending machine and choosing its filler is not enough for a successful business. The main thing in this matter is to find the right place to install your machine.

1. School canteens / shops near schools - that's great, because you have a customer base, which does not have a large income, and young enough where they do not have to worry about what they eat.

2. Restaurants –you may think that installing the machine there makes no sense, because people go to eat, but it really is an excellent place for the machine with chewing gum or candy. After the onion and mushroom burger or spicy Thai food, people are looking for gum or mints to freshen their breath.

3. Hospitals, pharmacies - the ability to install the machine with shoe covers in capsules as a filler. Also in children's hospitals or clinics can agree on setting the machine with toys.

4. Supermarkets - especially supermarkets in residential areas, machines can be placed at the entrance. In this case, you will need to change the filler so the buyer does not become bored by machines with the same product.

5. Small shops near kindergartens - the perfect place for toys or sweets, the children love getting gum or small necklace when parents take them. Parents can also use the vending machine as a bonus system.

6. Shopping centers - place machines with candy and chewing gums that are available and easy to use, especially for teenagers who spend the whole day there.

7. Souvenir shops - the food is doing well, but if you can sell your own local trinkets like key chains, toys, bracelets, hairpins and magnets, you can optimize your site sales.

8. Game room - a place where students and young people like to collect, they can enjoy chocolates, chewing gums. And since they do not pay for a mortgage, car loans, or groceries, they have a very disposable income.

9. Circus, children's theaters, skating rinks - the machine can be installed at the entrance, as the filler is suitable as chewing gum, candy and toys so. These are the places where the daily audience of visitors varies.

10. Parks - relaxing outdoors, people can buy their children toys, candy, chewing gum. To attract customers, you can arrange a variety of promotions, discounts. The main thing to remember that in the heat of such a location, be sure to keep candy and chewing gum in the shade, so it does not melt.



Advantages and disadvantages of vending business.

March 23, 2016

There are certain pros and cons of buying a vending machine business, no matter what machines you buy. For example, electronic machines are more profitable than mechanical ones, but they often break.


The success of your vending machine business depends highly on the correct choice of location. The main advantage of the vending business is that you can make money while you are away all day at the machines. You do not need to hire people - the machine can work around the clock, there are no weekends and holidays for it.

Types of products

Another advantage of vending business is that you can interview the owners and customers, and ask which snacks and drinks they like. It can be difficult to coordinate the daily route if you have requests for many different products because then you need to carry a greater variety of refills.


Vending machines business - simple business to operate. Self-motivation is the factor in vending. The owner has to pick up the earnings, and regularly refill the machines.


Another advantage is having a vending machine that you can meet people like you, online. You can also hold your itinerary in your schedule. For example, you can work late morning and early afternoon, if you want to avoid the rush hour. The disadvantage to buying a vending machine business - the fact that some items are very prone to theft. Owners and managers can not watch the machines all the time to control the potential theft.

The advantage of buying a Vending machine business is that you can start making money immediately. The disadvantage of the trading business is that can take years to get a full-time income.



Southern Beaver

March 22, 2016

Southern Beaver considered to be one of the best bulk vending machines. It may vend candy, gumballs, products in capsule, 1.3" bouncy balls, etc.

Southern Beaver



Toy capsule vending machine

March 01, 2016

Sales of toys from mechanical vending machines - a new direction in the bulk vending business. Toys are very popular among children and adults. Toys vending machines are much easier to service than the food vending machines. If you want to diversify your sales - you need to operate a machine with toys in capsules.

Children love toys - to gather, collect and share series of collectable toys, trinkets, rings, pins, pendants, magnets. The more diverse your range of toys in capsules - the higher your sales will be and the more profit you will get.

A vending machine for toy capsules is appropriate in places that are frequented by children and their parents. Proper location of the machine will determine the success of your business.

Toy capsules vending machines may be used alone, or on a stand with vending machines for chewing gum and candy. You can buy toys separately from capsules and assemble them yourself or you can buy toys all ready packaged in capsules. Toys for children from three years old and older, meet safety standards. To increase sales, you can place colorful display with a description of the toys inside the vending machine globe.

Our company offers a wide range of vending machines toys in capsules, as well as bulk toys and empty capsules. Vending machines selling toys - a simple version of the business, allowing you to get a steady income with little effort and time.



Wizard Gumball Machines by Global Gumball

February 26, 2016

Spiral Gumball Machines are amazing! Good quality, reliable manufacturer and entertaining spiral track make Wizard machine one of the best bulk vending machines in the world.

Wizard Gumball Machines by Global Gumball



Choosing a vending machine - what to look for

February 09, 2016

To successfully run a business, you need to choose a reliable vending machine that is easy to service, and can be used for many years. Vending machines can be showcases or displays, can stand on floor, can mounted on wall and table, can be outside or indoor. Before choosing a gumball machine, you have to determine what type of dispensing configuration best suits your needs and your location.

Listed below are the most important qualities that a vending machines should have.

Should you choose a metal or plastic body? Metal is more durable than plastic. Look for a metal dispenser. Choose machines with plastic globes. You need to understand what is included as standard, and if there is a need to purchase additional equipment.

By the term "design" we refer to the appearance of the vending machine, especially the color, as well as a rack for the installation of vending machines. It may be light illuminated machine. The design also refers to a machines form and the product. These are the aesthetic elements that are visible to the consumer. Your machine must be visible and recognizable by the consumer and appealing to children. Do not forget that the machines should be bright, cheerful and attractive - they also need to be easy to use.

Quality - that's the name of the game in this business! The sole purpose of vending machine products individually is to provide your product to customers. If your machine jams, sells the wrong product, or is not functioning properly you will not make any money. Do not skimp by buying cheap equipment, look for a solid and reliable vending machines from leading manufacturers. Currently, Global gumball, Beaver are considered to be among the best, based on their reputation.

By choosing machines with the above properties, you will not have to worry about your machine breaking, jamming or not dispensing properly.



Locations for Vending Machine

February 01, 2016

It is important to choose the right location for your bulk vending machine. Find high traffic locations to make a bigger profit.

Locations for Vending Machine



Where to start in the vending business?

January 14, 2016

Among the many choices of vending machines, mechanical gumball machines for chewing gum are the kings of the vending business! These machines are simple, easy to operate, and appeal to anyone, even a child. Some time ago machine selling gumballs were only a means of purchase, but nowadays with Wizard spiral gumball machines they are also a source of entertainment and fun for the kids. If you want to start a business or get noncommercial candy machine for your home or office, we have what you need.

From where to begin? Let me make an analogy... when I bought my first computer, I had no clue how to turn it on and turn it off. I did not buy a computer first, because I don't know how to use it... But I bought it because the only way to know was to use it.

I know that the best way to get started in this business is to buy your first machine and to seek help in obtaining a location to place it. Believe me, when you have a machine, you will be very motivated to find the location. In fact, many people are starting to look for a place before they will buy their first vending machine. And when they get it, they rush it to its location!!!

This business is not complicated. When I began to help people in their vending start, I used to tell them that this business is simple, but now I have corrected myself and say that it really needs some thought. Because it is a business and should be run like a business.

Let us help you grow your business.



Bulk vending advantages

January 12, 2016

Bulk vending business is easy to run. It doesn't require large financial investments. It makes high profit with less efforts.

Bulk vending advantages