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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a printed catalog?

We do not have a printed Catalog. We display our newest products latest prices and special deals on our website Entervending.com. Please visit us  to see our unique products and low prices here.


What size gumballs do I need?

Entervending supplies machines that vend 2” balls or capsules, 1”balls gum or capsules or smaller merchandise Our machines feature adjustable or interchangeable vending wheels to accommodate your market The size of gumballs your machine takes depends on the gumball wheel that is installed inside your machine. The most popular size in the industry is 25 mm in 850 box count for single gumball vend.  Entervending also provides 23 mm (1080 count), 22 mm (1430 count), 16 mm (3650 count) and 14 mm (5800 count) as alternative both for single and double and even triple vends. Please visit Gumballs and Candy sections to watch all available items.


What is the shelf life of my candy or gumballs?

Different edible refills have different shelf lives. Gumballs have a shelf life of 12 -18 months. Solid pressed and hard candy have a shelf life of about a year. Filled candy shelf life varies from 4 to 6 months. The  manufacturers guidelines for shelf lives of their products assume the gum and candy is kept in a cool dry location and maximum 50% relative humidity.


What size bouncy balls do I need?

Necessary balls size also depends on dispensing wheel had being installed to your machine. The most popular size is of course 27 mm (2000 count boxes), because it allows vending balls through the most dispensers. Also Entervending provides 32 mm (1000 count) and 45 mm (450 count) bouncy balls and conversion units  for your gumballs machines to vend this items. Both whole boxes and single bags selling are available.Check the Bouncy Balls section for ordering.


Do you sell bulk vending stands?

Yes we do. Entervending sells reliable and well known in industry stands for one ,two,or three machines and five or six machine bulk vending racks by Northwestern Corporation. Contact us to request quotes and details


Do you sell gumballs machine parts?

Yes we do. Entervending stocks and sells a complete set of parts for each of the machines that we sell. We stock coin mechanisms, coin carriers, vending keys and locks, dispensing wheels, shatterproof globes etc. Please contact our professional staff for help in obtaining the correct vending machine parts or visit Parts section by yourself.


How could I make an order?

Just visit the pleased product page and add it to your cart. Then visit the cart page and make the checkout to choose the delivery and paying settings.



Is ordering online safe and secure?

Yes. The Entervending website shopping cart programs utilize the latest in secure encrypted data transmission and the strongest safest on-line payment services. Your confidential data is used for your transaction only  and Entervending will not release any of your data to any third party.


What are my shipping charges and how long will it take to receive my shipment?

Shipping charges are calculated for each individual  customer order .The Entervending website software uses package size and weight, destination zip code and type of service to apply the carrier’s shipping rates It takes, on  average, 2 - 7 days for delivery within the continental US. We use UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and other delivery services. Please watch for news and marketing offers to take advantage of any favorable delivery charge opportunities.


Can your vending machines be shipped internationally?

Yes . Entervending has established relationships with international carriers and can arrange shipping of any size purchase to any international location. We can adjust the coin mechanism in to work with any coin Please contact us directly for more information. 


Do I need a business license, insurance and tax position to operate a vending route? 

You should consult with your local licensing department to find out the specific rules and regulations pertaining to bulk vending in your state or country.


How could I pay you, what payments do you accept?

For most convenient servicing Entervending accepts most of card paying systems as Visa, MasterCard, Discover etc. Also customer could use certified safe online services as PayPal and Google Checkout; traditional Money Orders, Cashier Checks, Bank Transfers or Cash for his purchasing. We instantly work on developing of paying methods for our buyers.


Do you have any discounts?

Yes we do. Entervending is opened for its customers and instantly offers rewards, gifts and discounts on stuff. Follow our banners, submit email campaigns or visit Discount page on the web site to keep in touch.


Do you have warranty on vending machines and refills?

Yes, we provide manufacturer limited warranty on whole machines and separate parts being guaranteed with necessary documents. Edible refills and vendible toys are secured with certificates of origin and produce date. Learn clousely our warranty statements here.


How often do I have to service my gumballs machine route?

Servicing frequency depends on the traffic at each location. The average frequency is to service each machine every  8-10 days. Servicing includes collecting earnings, keeping machines clean and filling with fresh stuff.


Where to locate bulk vending machines?

The main point while locating of course is human traffic. Small businesses such as mom and pop's shops, Laundromats, ethnic restaurants, gas stations, kids playgrounds are the most acceptable places for bulk vending machines. You may find them by yourself or contract locating company.  


What products could I vend through gumballs machine?

There are a lot of products you may offer your customers through vending machines.  The type of products for vending depends on your sales tactics and basic cost of single vend. Gumballs, candy and little bouncy balls usually vend for 25 cent coin. Capsuled toys and bigger balls are being offered for 50 and 75 cents, stickers and tattoos cost the same. Younger children and adults prefer edible products from candy machines and bouncy balls, schoolchildren like collecting toys and stickers. For example in classic six way vending rack to fill any customer demand vendor could offer the next selection of refills. In the upper row it's reasonable to place capsule vendors and flat vending machines. In the lower row there should be machines, filled with gumballs or candy.


What is gumballs machine ROI?

ROI for average single head bulk vending machine depending on cost per vend and location human traffic streches from 3 to 6 month. Instantly try different refills and dispensers to reach better ROI.