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  • Giant Wizard
Spiral Machines

Giant Wizard


Globe diameter: 24"
Base diameter: 26"
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 65 lbs


  • Gumballs 22 mm:8850 pcs
  • Gumballs 23-24 mm:7700 pcs
  • Gumballs 25 mm:6000 pcs
  • Gumballs 27 mm:4400 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 25 mm:8300 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 27 mm:5500 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 32 mm:5000 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 45 mm:1200 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 49 mm:1080 pcs
  • Round Capsules 28 mm:5520 pcs
  • Round Capsules 32 mm:4830 pcs
  • Coins $0.25:3500 pcs
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Noticeable gumball machine with attractive spiral track inside the stand for vended product. It features strong 24'' lexan globe and brightly colored fiberglass body from original manufacturer.
Giant Wizard is equipped with reliable Beaver mechanism and hard tubular locks for securing up to $1600 earnings and refilling globe. Catching attention electric rope lights (120V supply), custom colors and other Beaver coin mechs are available on your request.
One year warranty for all moving parts. 90-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Lifetime warranty for coin mechanism excepts of vandalism case.
Globe and spiral track lighting features are available for additional charge. Please order them both separately or together for upgrading your Wizard machines appearance.
The price was established for standard machine settings. Please contact a customer service representative regarding options. Additional charges may apply.

Available Colours: black, bubble gum, neon green, purple, red, royal blue, tangerine, yellow, white

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