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Top 10 best locations for vending.

April 18, 2016

Just buying a vending machine and choosing its filler is not enough for a successful business. The main thing in this matter is to find the right place to install your machine.

1. School canteens / shops near schools - that's great, because you have a customer base, which does not have a large income, and young enough where they do not have to worry about what they eat.

2. Restaurants –you may think that installing the machine there makes no sense, because people go to eat, but it really is an excellent place for the machine with chewing gum or candy. After the onion and mushroom burger or spicy Thai food, people are looking for gum or mints to freshen their breath.

3. Hospitals, pharmacies - the ability to install the machine with shoe covers in capsules as a filler. Also in children's hospitals or clinics can agree on setting the machine with toys.

4. Supermarkets - especially supermarkets in residential areas, machines can be placed at the entrance. In this case, you will need to change the filler so the buyer does not become bored by machines with the same product.

5. Small shops near kindergartens - the perfect place for toys or sweets, the children love getting gum or small necklace when parents take them. Parents can also use the vending machine as a bonus system.

6. Shopping centers - place machines with candy and chewing gums that are available and easy to use, especially for teenagers who spend the whole day there.

7. Souvenir shops - the food is doing well, but if you can sell your own local trinkets like key chains, toys, bracelets, hairpins and magnets, you can optimize your site sales.

8. Game room - a place where students and young people like to collect, they can enjoy chocolates, chewing gums. And since they do not pay for a mortgage, car loans, or groceries, they have a very disposable income.

9. Circus, children's theaters, skating rinks - the machine can be installed at the entrance, as the filler is suitable as chewing gum, candy and toys so. These are the places where the daily audience of visitors varies.

10. Parks - relaxing outdoors, people can buy their children toys, candy, chewing gum. To attract customers, you can arrange a variety of promotions, discounts. The main thing to remember that in the heat of such a location, be sure to keep candy and chewing gum in the shade, so it does not melt.