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Toy capsule vending machine

March 01, 2016

Sales of toys from mechanical vending machines - a new direction in the bulk vending business. Toys are very popular among children and adults. Toys vending machines are much easier to service than the food vending machines. If you want to diversify your sales - you need to operate a machine with toys in capsules.

Children love toys - to gather, collect and share series of collectable toys, trinkets, rings, pins, pendants, magnets. The more diverse your range of toys in capsules - the higher your sales will be and the more profit you will get.

A vending machine for toy capsules is appropriate in places that are frequented by children and their parents. Proper location of the machine will determine the success of your business.

Toy capsules vending machines may be used alone, or on a stand with vending machines for chewing gum and candy. You can buy toys separately from capsules and assemble them yourself or you can buy toys all ready packaged in capsules. Toys for children from three years old and older, meet safety standards. To increase sales, you can place colorful display with a description of the toys inside the vending machine globe.

Our company offers a wide range of vending machines toys in capsules, as well as bulk toys and empty capsules. Vending machines selling toys - a simple version of the business, allowing you to get a steady income with little effort and time.