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Wizard Machines Now Equipped with LED Lights

December 09, 2016

Entervending would like to present the Lil’ Wizard gumball machine, the leading gumball vending machine. It is part of the Original Wizard spiral vendor family…and it just got a lot better!

Now, you can attract more customers and boost sales with your Lil Wizard by installing colorful flashing LED lights. The lights attach to the spiral tracks and start blinking once the coin mechanism is turned. The lights keep the customer mesmerized until their gumball, capsule or bouncy ball has been fully dispensed. Then they automatically shut off to save power.

The lighting unit is versatile and can be attached to any Wizard machine. It may be powered by batteries or a power pack for convenience.

Choose a Wizard vending machine that suits you and get on the road to starting your own bulk vending business. There are many money-making options available. Order yours today!

LED Lights