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Advantages and disadvantages of vending business.

March 23, 2016

There are certain pros and cons of buying a vending machine business, no matter what machines you buy. For example, electronic machines are more profitable than mechanical ones, but they often break.


The success of your vending machine business depends highly on the correct choice of location. The main advantage of the vending business is that you can make money while you are away all day at the machines. You do not need to hire people - the machine can work around the clock, there are no weekends and holidays for it.

Types of products

Another advantage of vending business is that you can interview the owners and customers, and ask which snacks and drinks they like. It can be difficult to coordinate the daily route if you have requests for many different products because then you need to carry a greater variety of refills.


Vending machines business - simple business to operate. Self-motivation is the factor in vending. The owner has to pick up the earnings, and regularly refill the machines.


Another advantage is having a vending machine that you can meet people like you, online. You can also hold your itinerary in your schedule. For example, you can work late morning and early afternoon, if you want to avoid the rush hour. The disadvantage to buying a vending machine business - the fact that some items are very prone to theft. Owners and managers can not watch the machines all the time to control the potential theft.

The advantage of buying a Vending machine business is that you can start making money immediately. The disadvantage of the trading business is that can take years to get a full-time income.