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Basic vending machine servicing

July 04, 2016


Vending machines could break or work with faults pushing customers to lost their money and be angry with it. Vending repair company or professional staff could spend two three days to revive your machine. This way you will lost your money from stopped sales and also pay for machine fixing. So the most important in servicing is to treat your machines carefully and check them in regular to avoid any troubles.


Owner should provide clean and correct operating of his vending machine. Sometimes gumballs or candies melt under the sun so you must cover the machine with some screen before. But if it happened owner must clean the globe and replace the products removing finger tips and dust. Also it's necessary to wipe out the handles, buttons and machine stand. Usual it takes a few minutes to service the machine but that time will return with customers attention. The machine appearance always attract buyers and their money.

Safe rules

Please do not disregard safety in vending business. Your machines could be broken or destroyed by vandals. The machine can take scratches, fall on the floor or even be stolen. To avoid this all owner should involve location owner to save the machines with some kind of contract. Also necessary chain the machines and place them on the view of local staff or security.