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Start your own business.

May 11, 2016

Getting location.

Doing vending with Wizards we strongly encourage you to find your own location, as it really works in this business. Anyone can fill machine products and get revenue. In addition, no one can present your company and services, as well as do you. It is important to draw up a contract with the owner for the location of the machine, it will help in the long term.

For more than 12 years experience in the vending business, we never heard from anyone about the positive experience with the locating companies. This does not mean that no one has ever had a positive result, but the thousands of people we spoke to did not have a good result.

Here are some advices to locate by yourself. We call these recommendations, because this is your business, and you set the rules.

# 1: Establish contacts. No one can represent your company better than you. This is your business, your future, a part of you. The real work in this business is to find locations for vending machines, while maintaining their current locations happy, and find more and better. If you are not comfortable to think about finding locations, ask a friend to give you advice. Keep reading and we'll explain how to do it.

# 2: Always ask. Start by finding frequently visited places, ask for permission to put the machine. Most people go out to eat sometimes, they go to the shops for shopping, visit specialty shops - a good walk able space for the presentation of your products.

Start with an idea. The first step in finding locations - a search for people you know who have their own business, that can provide a place for your equipment. Whom do you know who works in retail or food industry? In the showrooms? Bowling? Interaction with people you already know - a good start. This is the work with contacts, work with strangers will come later. To begin with we take as many possible people to ask if they could help. People love to help, and can provide the location. Write as many names as possible, and do everything possible to meet them in the near future.

# 3: Do not approach the large shopping area in the beginning of this business. Visit the 10 or 20 or 50 smaller locations before you go to the big stores. Why? Most people need to polish their skills by practicing many times before facing better prospects. When you ask for the owner's permission to place the vending machine in their business, you will definitely hear the objections, "we will not allow chewing gum in our business", "we have no place," "I'm sorry, we cannot help you." There are great answers to all these objections.

# 4: Make notes. Keep track of the date of the visit, with whom you spoke, the name of the location manager or owner. Getting a "Yes" answer may require 3 or 4 visits. Good notes allows you to speak confidently about past visits.

# 5: Work from the home base. Do not scatter machines throughout the city. Start placing closer to home, and expand your route in a controlled manner. If you have multiple sites it gets a lot easier. Then you can share experiences with prospects.

# 6: Take a sample of the machine - if possible. Of course, it's nice to have a color brochure, but nothing beats the real deal. Having a car will increase the chances of "Slam Dunk". By the "Slam Dunk", when you walk into the place with the machine to talk with the owner and before you open your mouth the owner says, "I love this car ... put it right there."

# 7: Remember that the rejection is of your proposal, not your person. When you get a "No" from the potential space, they are not rejecting you as a person ... they reject your offer. This is a very difficult part of the scene. The answer to the last "No" is always through the next door.

A great way to always ensure the success of this location to a specific purpose, for example, achieve your goals, to visit the 50 potential sites. Do not make the goal to find space for 10 machines. Localization is a numbers game. You should always ask to see the place. And remember, if you get there last, maybe someone will get to your seats before you do.

# 9: Know your equipment. Do not bring unfamiliar equipment into a location. If you are uncomfortable with the piece of equipment - check it before bringing it into place. Practice in before the owner can see you. Trying to put it in place and make it to work, with the owner looking over your shoulder is not a good start.

The most important thing that you have to remember - this is to have fun! If a person does not get pleasure from vending machines or gum from vending equipment, then maybe this is not the right business for him. Remember also that you help the place helps you. You occupy a place that does not take a penny from them, and you offer the a service to their existing clientele.