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Coin Twister demo

March 01, 2017

Global Gumball is pleased to announce a special price offer on Coin Twisters. We are offering a special price discount on Demo models that we have used at trade shows. The Coin Twister is the ultimate money maker because there is no product vended and therefore no cost of sales. The Coin Twister offers the customer the unique experience of watching his coins race around the funnel before they disappear into the cash box.

The Coin Twister accepts any coins as fast as the customer can deposit them. The Coin Twister is made of strong fiberglass and has no moving parts. The Coin Twister body is an excellent base for promotional wraps. The Coin Twister banner can draw attention to the Coin Twister or any product to be advertised.

Coin Twister demo from Global Gumball