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Ball Globe Beaver 20


Height: 20"
Globe diameter: 12"
Weight: 8.4 lbs


  • Gumballs 14-16 mm, pcs:7800
  • Gumballs 22 mm, pcs:1500
  • Gumballs 25 mm, pcs:1000
  • Gumballs 27 mm, pcs:990
  • Bouncy Balls 25 mm, pcs:1000
  • Bouncy Balls 27 mm, pcs:990
  • Bouncy Balls 32 mm, pcs:580
  • Capsules 28 mm, pcs:590
  • Capsules 32 mm, pcs:450
  • Candy, kg:11-12
  • Coins $0.25, pcs:1000
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Vending machines of Ball Globe series spherical globe differs this item from another produced by Beaver company. Its three globe sizes allow operator to choose perfect machine for his trading network. Universal Ball Globe machine could vend ranged products from bulk candies or gumballs to capsuled toys sized in 25 - 36 mm.

These vending machines have attractive appearance, shatterproof globe and are simple in servicing and practical in using. Also are available coin counter, LED globe lights and cash tray optionally.

The price was established for standard machine settings. Please contact a customer service representative regarding options. Additional charges may apply.

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