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LED Globe Lights


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This is a unique accessory for installation in mechanical vending machine.

Portable lights will attract the attention of your potential customers, thereby increasing revenues.

Portable lights has 9 operations modes. Mode selection is performed by DIP-switch. The buttons on the back side of the board adjust the speed of flashing.

The device has a light sensor. If the room is dark, the lights will not operate. This will save battery power.

There are red, green, yellow and blue lights combinations available.

Portable Lights kit includes:

  • Leds
  • box for 8 batteries
  • connecting wire
  • 2 cambric tubing
  • electronic board
  • 2 nuts for mounting the board on central rod
  • Globe LED manual

This unit fits vending machines:

  • Beaver: Ball Globe, Northern, Southern;
  • Global Gumball: Wiz-Kid, Original Wizard, Giant Wizard and Wonder Wizard.

Here you can see the principle of operation of the device

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