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  • Mega Triple Play Wizard
Spiral Machines

Mega Triple Play Wizard


Globe diameter: 35"
Base diameter: 41"
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 165 lbs


  • Gumballs 22 mm:27400 pcs
  • Gumballs 23-24 mm:24000 pcs
  • Gumballs 25 mm:20550 pcs
  • Gumballs 27 mm:13700 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 25 mm:25700 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 27 mm:17150 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 32 mm:15650 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 45 mm:3700 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 49 mm:3350 pcs
  • Round Capsules 25 mm:17100 pcs
  • Round Capsules 45 mm:2460 pcs
  • Round Capsules 49 mm:2210 pcs
  • Coins $0.25:6000 pcs
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At 6’9” machine Mega Triple Play Wizard is so large that it is taller than most professional basketball players! Holding over 3000 gumballs, the Mega Triple Play Wizard is sure to draw the attention of the biggest kids. This machine can vend up to three different products. One compartment can vend 2” products and two compartments can vend 1” allowing you to maximize your offerings.
Includes Beaver coin mechanisms, the highest quality coin mechanism available, it can be configured to accept tokens and foreign currency. Its No-Jam feature allows it to divert unwanted coins and keep going.
Item is an optional rope lighting feature for spiral track. It is available for additional charge.

The price was established for standard machine settings. Please contact a customer service representative regarding options. Additional charges may apply.

Available colors: black, bubble gum, neon green, purple, red, royal blue, tangerine, yellow, white

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