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Crystals Round (8 colors)

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  • Crystals Round (8 colors)

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Bag of fake diamonds contains approx. 160 acrylic gems. Gems treasure package weight is 10.6 oz. Plastic gems have 8 colors: clear, light blue, light yellow, red, blue, light green, orange and purple.

These plastic gems are great toy gems for kids in pirate treasures. See for yourself how excited they get when they see treasure box gems. Pirate jewels and gems are the most desirable items to get.

Colorful stones for vases drastically change your home decor. Large acrylic gems add just a little touch, but it goes a long way. Diamond vase fillers bulk package will be enough for the whole house.

Gem decorations are in fashion. Fake jewels are excellent table scatters - plastic jewels reflect light in a pleasing manner while marginally improving how a table looks.

Acrylic gem stones can be put into a fish tank. Aquarium jewels refract light in different directions and look amazing in water. Decorative diamond crystals give a fisbowl a brand new look.


Package – 163 pcs.


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