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Tokens 0.800"-1.180"

  • Tokens 0.800

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View all standard designs tokens can be here or download the brochure.

Benefits of using tokens vs. cash:

  • Security - Nobody will break into your business or coin operated machines to steal tokens.
  • Cash Control - Less supervision of your staff required.
  • Price Flexibility - You can easily change the number of tokens sold per dollar to immediately take advantage of any marketing or promotional ideas.
  • Immediate Sale - When you sell tokens, you have made a sale. The token does not need to be used immediately. If it is not used, you still make a profit. These "walk-away" tokens encourage repeat business.
  • Increased Sales - Customers will spend more tokens more freely than quarters because tokens are viewed as non-money.
  • Promotions & Brand Name Recognition - Customized tokens help develop your company's name and promote repeat business.
  • Souvenir Value - Customers will buy tokens and keep some as souvenirs.


Box – 1000 pcs.

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