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Bulk acrylic gems package weight is 300g.Small acrylic jewels stars are approximately 1.6" / 40 mm in size. Stars shaped gems colorful jewels have 9 colors: green, purple, yellow, pink, dark green, light green, red, blue, and clear. Plastic diamond rings are not reusable ice cubes for drinks, they do not have water inside!Decorative acrylic gems give a unique opportunity to change home decor without much of a hassle. Assorted gemstones have 9 different colors that look astonishing when combined together. Or pick and choose colorful gems of a particular color when needed. Colorful gemstones are not only good for as vase fillers, but do a tremendous job enhancing tables. Small jewel gem fillers are excellent table scatters - an absolute must-have for decor people. Mix of bright assorted jewels and gems opens a truly endless possibilities for creativity.It's no surprise that these vase filler gems are incredible aquarium jewels. Scattered across a fish tank, these acrylic stars gem toy crystals will give it a brand new look. Small plastic jewels add a splash of colors. Play treasure small gems play an essential part if you plan on doing a treasure decor in your aquarium. Gemstones acrylic glass is harmless to tank habitants. THIS ITEM IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER.


Package – 1 pcs.


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