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4" Stretch Lizard 100 pcs

Item: BT-PASTRL4-100
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IGNITE IMAGINATIVE PLAY & ADVENTURE: Our Stretchy Lizard 4" toy is a gateway to a world of nature adventures! Its lifelike details and vibrant colors let a child's imagination roam free as they embark on exciting journeys with their newfound lizard friend

DELIGHTFUL FUN for REPTILE ENTHUSIASTS: Our stretchy lizards are an absolute must-have for young paleontologists! This stretchy lizard will become their trusty companion, offering endless entertainment and imaginative play. Watch as their face lights up with joy and curiosity!

STRESS-RELIEVING & SENSORY WONDERLAND: The soothing properties of this stretchy toy gently melt away tension and anxiety, offering a calming effect for both children and adults. The stretchy strings provide a delightful sensory experience, engaging multiple senses such as touch and sight, making it an excellent aid for relaxation and mindfulness

PARTY LIKE IT’s AGE OF REPTILES: Planning a reptile-themed celebration? Look no further! Our Stretchy Lizard toy is not only a fantastic party favor for kids' goody bags and party favors but also a fantastic addition to your party decorations. Hang them from ceilings, drape them over tables, infusing your party with nature vibes!

VERSATILE ENTERTAINMENT FOR VARIOUS OCCASION: Our Stretchy Lizard 4" toy is more than just a party favor; it's an essential road trip companion and an exciting treasure box and classroom prize! Moreover, they provide toddlers and kids with a captivating sensory experience, promoting their development and exploration in a fun and engaging way


Package – 100 pcs.

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