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Packed Gumballs

Gumball Refills 1lb

Item: 2117-1LB-13MM
  • Gumball Refills 1lb

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Are you tired of having to purchase max quantities of gumballs? Or buying 1 box and it sitting for months and sometimes years! Well, good news! Entervending is the only company to offer gumballs in individual packages!!! We knew there could be a problem solved within the industry so we decided to offer this to our wonderful customers!

Delightful and fresh little gumballs for gumballs machine are gathered together into the attractive mixture of beautiful to look at and even more delicious to taste gumballs for kids in a single bag. Children always make a happy scream when they see these colored gumballs in a gumball bank.

  • Assorted flavors big refill pound of Gumballs Common and size for most gumball machines such as Antique and Vintage Gumball Bank Classic Classic Vending Machines
  • Size 13 mm or 0.5 inches Great standard size for small personal home machines mini gumball machine party favor retro gumball machine and professional vending machines
  • Weight: packaged in 1 lb. Quantity Approximate 260 small bubble gum balls; Fresh and yum chewing bubblegum for kids; Refills with Large Bulk of colorful and fruity mini double gumballs; Gluten Free
  • Delicious and fresh little gum balls for gumballs machine are variety colored and attractive mixture of sweetest best pack of tiny and colorful gum balls are beautiful to look at and even more delicious to taste
  • Flavors Gumballs are deliciously fruit flavored and colored in the traditional small gum ball fashion Original mini super bubble is chewy these classic fruit double gumballs soften with every chew with no loss of flavor


Package – 260 pcs.

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