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2" Filled Caps

Squeezie Squeees #4 in 2"

Item: SQS4C-250
  • Squeezie Squeees #4 in 2

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  • 250 toy-filled 2in capsules per case
  • Super soft, squishy and stretchy
  • Mini animals are individually wrapped

The super soft Squeezie Squeees, Series 4, are in 2in capsules and include your favorite mochi animals going back in time. Squeezie Squeees Dinosaurs include Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, Triceratops, T-Rex and more prehistoric buddies. You will be amazed how soft and squishy these cute little guys are. Each Squeezie Squees Animal is individually wrapped and capped in a 2in capsule.


Box – 250 pcs.

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