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Packed Gumballs

Gumball King

Item: 4865-2.5LB
  • Gumball King

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1 inch Assorted Fruit and Berry Flavor Bubble Gum balls with 7 fruity delicious tastes: Cherry (x2), Banana, Orange, Lime, Grape, Blueberry.

Size 25 mm (1 inch); Great size for candy buffet – these gum balls are brightly colored and big enough to be noticed!

Peanut and Gluten Free gumballs, tasty and safe for health; Made in Canada.

Packaged in 2.5 lb Bag, 140 bubble gum balls; Fresh and yum chewing bubblegum for kids and adults; You can vend these gumballs via gumball vending machines with appropriate dispensing wheel.

Perfect for a Gum Ball Machine Refill; offer these gumballs to guests at birthday party, colleagues in office or indulge yourself with these classic Fruity double tasty bubble gum balls that soften with every chew with no loss of flavor!


Package – 140 pcs.

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