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2" Filled Caps

Mini-malz Series 2 Capsule Toy Collection - 250 Pieces Set

Item: MIM3C-250
  • Mini-malz Series 2 Capsule Toy Collection - 250 Pieces Set

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Discover the enchanting world of Mini-malz, a delightful collection of farm and forest creatures in miniature form. Each set includes adorable pig figurines, charming turtle figurines, wise owl figurines, playful squirrel figurines, and cute rabbit figurines. These collectible figurines are perfect for avid collectors and children alike, bringing joy and a sense of adventure to any figurine collection.

With 96 different figures to collect, your Mini-malz collection can grow to showcase a diverse array of 12 different animals. Each animal comes in 8 assorted colors, adding a vibrant and appealing spectrum to your display. These miniature animals are designed to captivate the imagination, making them ideal for creative play and educational activities.

Mini-malz come packaged in toy capsules, making them perfect for use in vending machines or as exciting capsule toys for events and parties. Their small size and intricate details ensure that these toy figurines will be treasured by collectors and kids for years to come. Start your collection today and experience the magical world of toy animals with Mini-malz.

Technical Data:
Model: Mini-malz
Content: 96 different figures
Variety: 12 different animals
Colors: 8 assorted colors
Packaging: Toy capsules
Suitable for: Vending machine toys, capsule toys, collectible figurines


Box – 250 pcs.

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