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  • Electric Wizard 8
Electric Machines

Electric Wizard 8


Height: 4' 11"
Depth: 18"
Width: 32"
Weight: 243 lbs


  • Gumballs 22 mm:1500 pcs
  • Gumballs 23-24 mm:1300 pcs
  • Gumballs 25 mm:1000 pcs
  • Gumballs 27 mm:800 pcs
  • Gumballs 45 mm:140 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 25 mm:1000 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 27 mm:800 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 32 mm:350 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 45 mm:140 pcs
  • Bouncy Balls 49 mm:120 pcs
  • Round Capsules 25 mm:1000 pcs
  • Round Capsules 28 mm:630 pcs
  • Round Capsules 32 mm:350 pcs
  • Round Capsules 59 mm:80 pcs
  • Round Capsules 69 mm:75 pcs
  • Round Capsules 74 mm:50 pcs
  • Round Capsules 92 mm:30 pcs
  • Round Capsules 100 mm:25 pcs
  • Round Capsules 102 mm:25 pcs
  • Acorn Capsules 25 mm:1000 pcs
  • Acorn Capsules 28 mm:630 pcs
  • Acorn Capsules 32 mm:600 pcs
  • Acorn Capsules 45 mm:120 pcs
  • Acorn Capsules 51 mm:110 pcs
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Electric Wizard 8 - The Next Generation of Bulk Vending that displays and sells 8 different products. Vend capsules, gumballs, or bouncy balls in sizes from 15 to 105 mm. Fast re-loading of product with interchangeable easy to remove dispensers. It gives change in bills and coins.
Operator-friendly features include electronic payment system to accept coins, bills or credit cards, 60 x 22 mm LCD electronic display for customer messages and prompts, logic board programed to control inventory, modem to provide remote status and DEX history reporting, L.E.D. lighting package, anti-theft product receptacle.
The Electric Wizard 8 has cast a spell over the bulk vending world and pulled it into the Electronic Age. The Electric Wizard 8 is like no other machine on the market. With a wave of the wand this Wizard’s electronic bill mechanism and, optional, credit card reader will put an end to the coin blues and allows the operator to vend better products at better prices.
Base price includes electronic coin mechanisms, 60 x 22 mm LCD electronic display, 8 dispensers. It doesn't include coin and bill return hoppers, dollar acceptor, credit card reader and GSM module. Please contact a customer service representative regarding options. Additional charges may apply.

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