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Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Jewel Assorted Flavors Candy

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Jelly Belly Jewel Assorted - Colored mix of sparkling candy beans for any taste. A new Jewel Collection features nine of the most popular flavors dressed up with a beautiful edible pearlescent finish adding a shimmer of brilliance to each bean. Bright appearance and natural flavors attracts well kids to your candy vending machines. Also Entervending offers bulk candy in wholesale prices from well known brands as Nitwitz, Mike and Ike, Skull and Bonez, Jelly Belly, Concord and others.

Color: blue, pale blue, pearly, pink, light pink, green, orange.
Taste: Jewel Blueberry, Jewel Bubble Gum, Jewel Sour Apple, Jewel Cream Soda, Jewel Berry Blue, Jewel Orange, Jewel Very Cherry.


Box – 4100 pcs.

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