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Toys 2" without capsule

Realistic Rainforest Frog Toys 100 pcs

Item: BT-PAPOIFR-100
  • Realistic Rainforest Frog Toys 100 pcs

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REALISTIC APPEARANCE: The frog toy captivates children with its lifelike design, resembling a real frog in a miniature 2” form. Its attention to detail makes it a fascinating and engaging toy for kids who love to explore the animal kingdom. These animal toys are made from CHILD-SAFE, NON-TOXIC materials

EDUCATIONAL VALUE: These frog figurines provide a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about frogs and other amphibians. They can explore different frog species, habitats, and even the concept of the life cycle of frogs, promoting an interest in nature and wildlife

IMAGINATIVE PLAY: The frog toys encourage imaginative play as children can incorporate them into various game scenarios, help develop fine motor skills and develop social skills when they engage in group play and share their frog accessories with friends

FROG THEMED DECORATIONS: The frog toy serves multiple purposes, making it ideal for various occasions such as classroom prizes, party favors, goody bags, and frog-themed decorations for birthdays or other events

IDEAL FROG GIFTS: These adorable frog toys make for delightful gifts for kids who adore frog stuff and cute animal figurines. They are sure to bring a smile to the faces of young animal enthusiasts and serve as a wonderful addition to their toy collection


Package – 100 pcs.

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